Sørebødalen - The valley of Sorebo

Sørebødalen - The valley of Sorebo

The clean and virgin nature is a testamony of how wonderful God has created our world. In the first chapter of the Bible God 7 times declares that all he has created is good. Yes, his final conclusion was that it is very good (Genesis 1,31).

In 2019 the Norwegian government decided that the Sorebo valley should be and protected area. No human activity is allowed to make any changes in the landscape or in the forest. The area is just open for hiking, recreation and studies. 

Among the impressive mountains, at the fresh water in the lakes and small tarns and in the virgin forests people may find excellent places for worshipping and praising God for his wonderful act of creation, that still goes on. 

At this site you may join me for some minutes of meditation in the nature. Photos, videos and texts will be uploaded as days pass. Even some short open-air services by me in the Norwegian language will be presented here. I have for many years been a priest in the Evangelical Lutheran church of Norway, and for some years I have been teaching Biblical Hebrew at faculties of theology in Oslo and Bergen, and now I own a farm just at the Sorebo valley.

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